About us

david énergies plans and develops renewable energy systems (with the main focus on windturbines, but also solar and hydroelectric power plants). The main office is situated in Angers, France.

The German branch is based in Hamburg.

david énergies started out developing windturbines in northern Germany, but when the French started promoting the development of renewable energies at the turn of the century, david énergies took the leap to the west of France. As the French renewable sector had a lot of catching up to do, the company shifted it’s focus to France. In the meantime david énergies has a focus on windpower in France and a focus on solarpower in Germany.

What we do


Search and identification of suitable locations, initial project studies and feasibility studies.

Contacting owners, users and authorities.

Detailed planning, dimensioning, compatibility studies, etc.

Obtain the required permits.

Project documentation and quality assurance.


With our network of private and institutional investors / banks, we provide classic project finance, but we also have experience with public and non-profit providers and investors (such as cooperatives).

Structuring of financing and operation including management of the SPV.


If possible, we take over the long-term operation of energy generation plants.

Monitoring of equipment and management of maintenance.

Our Team

Christophe David
CEO – Hamburg (Germany) and ANGERS (France)
Nicolas Sicot
Project manager – ANGERS (France)
Marion Lemoigne
Project manager/ Legal – ANGERS (France)
Félix David
Project manager
Hamburg (Germany)
Charlotte Yan
Project manager solar – ANGERS (France)
Clémence Passedroit
Assistant project manager – Angers (France)